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At 123Host we give the sort of service we wish we received elsewhere.

They agreed...

Fantastic work done!Henry E.
You give an incredible serviceDaniel C.
Steve my friend you are a superstar and thank you for explaining that all in "Sammy terms" for me :)Sammy H.

You're the bestKate McG.
The level of service provided to us by yourself has been outstanding!Stephen T.
You are a genius. I can not thank you enough.Tiare S.
You're the best! Thank you Steve. Simone K.
Steve, you are my saviour!! Always!Mandy K.
You're the best and I appreciate how much you help us.Leanne A.
You’ve been a massive help, as alwaysFiona H.
Thanks again for all your amazing help, you have just been awesome as alwaysMaddy D.
Excellent, amazing service as always! Thank you so much for your help Steve.Cynthia T.
Thanks so much Steve! Fantastic service as usual, I really appreciate it.Amanda V.
You're a magical tech wizard Steve! Thank you so very much for your wonderful services. Very much appreciated :) Lauren A.
Steve - you are an absolute star…I thank you so much. Totally appreciate all that you have supported me through. You may not have seen it - but you have helped me grow through a challenging time in my life. You are truly appreciated.Lisa B.
Place an order and you'll discover what inspired these comments and loads more. When 14 days are up, if you don't agree, 123Host will cheerfully refund 100% of your hosting cost.
OMG, thank you so much for doing (some site edits). I appreciate that you go above and beyond when dealing with your clients. Vlada S.
Legend. Thanks SteveThomas R.
You are a bloody superstarNarelle M.
Hi Steve. And yet again, you out perform the competition with service.Cadell B.
Thanks again for your awesome support and help as always! Maddy D.
Thanks so much Steve‚ Sarah McC.
Thanks Steve, you're a champion.Bruce L.
It works!!!! Wonderful :) Thank you so much Steve. This was an even better solution than I'd originally thought, so I really appreciate your help. Amanda V.
Thank you, I really appreciate your help! You're amazing.Cher D.
Firstly, thank you SO MUCH for your legendary support moving our hosting and tidying up all our email address redirections and moving our website. Such a massive help I can't even begin to explain.Meg G.
You Star!!Lisa B.
Hi Steve. I can't believe how promptly and thoroughly you replied to my email! Wow - thankyou so much.Rachel O.
123Host is agile and most of our rules are bendable. Need more disk space or bandwidth? Just ask. What other hosting service does that?
Thank you SO MUCH Steve! Really appreciate you jumping onto it so quickly!Crystal K.
Amazing thank you so much for your helpTracey S.
You are amazing. I'm sending the biggest thank you for sorting this out for me, now I will sleep soundly tonight. Jill C.
This is brilliant . Thank you for fixing! This is all up and running.Sally S.
Amazing!Carita G.
You are magnificent! Thank you Steve!!Nelle G.
Steve you're the man!Thomas R.
Thank you! You are the best!Krystal W.
Thanks Steve, once again your service is outstandingMardi A.
You've always given me great service - the best!Belinda Y.
You're a legend...thanks so much Steve.Cynthia T.
Thank you! Always super fabulous supportTeena I.
Thank you so much for all of your help over the years, you have consistently provided such a high level of support, it has been greatly appreciated. I will definitely be signing back up for your hosting services when I am ready to start again, and I will continue to recommend 123Host to others in my network.Rebecca S.
We strive for excellent customer support. Most months, at least 75% of support tickets are answered within 4 hours! Unheard of!
Thank you so so much! Very helpful! :)Rebecca N.
Thanks so much Steve. That's great!Maddi L.
Thanks so much for updating me. Appreciate it! You're a legend. Bridie G.
Thank you so much Steve. You're a life saver. I so appreciate your tech support with this.Ondine S.
Geeez ur amazing Thanks Steve Nelle G.
Glad to see you're still a total pro! Thanks so much for always taking the time to explain these things to me :) Jessica C.
Steve you're seriously amazing, I'm so appreciative of all the help you give such a tech-challenged person like me Shannon F.
Thank you so much again for your honesty, Steve!! Appreciate you!!Ellie S.
You legend!!! Thank you so much for speedy excellent service as always!Tracey P.
Thanks for everything Steve, you always go above and beyond!Shannon F.
Thank you for all your help! You are awesome! I would like to review you (tell me where)Anabel R.
Thank you for all of your support. Amazing.Tiare S.
You're a gem, Steve - thank you!Koren H.
Legend! Thank you so so much!Grace H.
You're awesome, thank youNadine H.
There are many more, but too many to list...

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